What is White Hat SEO?

You may have seen or heard references to “White Hat SEO” either on this site or in other places. Unless you are familiar with the world of SEO, terms like White Hat and Black Hat may not have much of a meaning. To put it simply, White Hat SEO refers to SEO that intends to follow the guidelines of how to correctly and honestly improve search results.

White Hat SEO is considered to be the proper way of doing SEO, and follows search engine company policies and rules for optimization. It results in long-term growth in traffic in a quality website, although it can take longer to start seeing results. And although White Hat SEO does take longer to see results than Black Hat, reputable SEO companies will only use SEO tactics and techniques that follow these guidelines.

The penalty, when caught practicing Black Hat SEO can be swift and unforgiving, undoing months of both legitimate and illegitimate SEO work. There are some common Black Hat practices that companies have employed, and as Google algorithms have some of these have become useless. Some Black Hat techniques that still are used are things like filling pages with more keywords that what would normally appear in quality content. Another fairly common one is using white lettering on a white background, resulting in text that search engines can see, but people visiting the page can not.

It is important to be aware of how you are building your website. And if you are employing outside companies to design you website and do SEO for you, that they are using legitimate techniques to improve search result. Many potential clients and costumers want to see companies that follow the guidelines for how legitimate companies should act.

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