A short about REO

Hi everyone! My name is Bryant Reese, I am the owner, manager of Reese E-Commerce Optimization. I’ve had the opportunity to do SEO and copywriting management for a large E-Store for the past year and a half. I have decided that I am ready to take what I have learned from that company and bring it to small local companies in the Knoxville area. That is the inspiration for REO. I love local business, and really like the idea of helping local businesses compete in a very competitive market.

REO is a small start-up SEO and content marketing company. We specialize in improving page rankings for e-commerce sites, we do this by apply search engine optimization to every aspect of a company’s website. We look at what keywords costumers are likely to search for and create content that represents products honestly and factually, while still applying common keywords to that content. The result is unique and quality content that Google looks for in ranking websites, and factual content that consumers are looking for when finding the products they want. This content can be in the form of a blog post or in the form of content that is attached directly to products on a website, such as descriptions.

We can also develop simple and affordable websites for small companies that need a web presence to start growing their business. As REO continues to grow our ability to develop quality websites will increase. With a plan to be able to offer total online management and website packages, becoming a one-stop shop for e-commerce.

I look forward to helping your business grow by increasing your online profile and improving your web traffic. I will do what it takes to earn your business.

Contact us by emailing me at bryant@reoknoxville.com

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