Business and Professional Leadership

Leading people can be one of the more difficult tasks in the business world. Many people don't like taking orders, and many people feel uncomfortable telling people that work has to get done and that they are the ones that will do it. There are many cases where a person will be tasked with managing … Continue reading Business and Professional Leadership

Technical SEO: Part 3, Site Structure

Site architecture, in my opinion, is one of the more unusual aspects of technical SEO. I guess it is because this would normally fall under the jurisdiction of a web developer. How this falls into the realm of SEO is when it come to being indexed by Google and other search engines. But good site … Continue reading Technical SEO: Part 3, Site Structure

Technical SEO: Part 2, Page Speed!

One of the more important factors in technical SEO is increasing page speed and ensuring that your website loads within 3-4 seconds. Google weighs page load times as a fairly important factor in determining rank in search results. However, I would argue that an even more important factor when it comes to page load times … Continue reading Technical SEO: Part 2, Page Speed!

Applying The E-Myth

I will be honest, I have very few of my own ideas. Any success that I find is due to learning lessons that I have learned from institutions that I have been a part of, mentors that have taken the time to develop me, or books that I have read. I will be taking time … Continue reading Applying The E-Myth