About REO

Reese E-commerce Optimization is a start-up SEO, web-design, and digital marketing company in Knoxville, TN. REO specializes in improving e-commerce sites by using Search Engine Optimization in every aspect of listed products and services. By including the fundamentals of SEO in e-commerce sites, Google and other search engines are better able to find the products and services costumers are looking for.

Mission – Provide excellent service to local companies by helping them build consistent online traffic, resulting in increased sales.

Objectives – Provide industry proven service techniques to local customers

– Be honest with clients at all times

– Never use techniques that will result in penalties for search engines

REO Staff

Bryant Reese, Owner – Mr. Reese specializes in applying SEO to E-business and traditional businesses with an online store. He started learning the importance of SEO and applying it with a E-Commerce company that did rough 200 million dollars a year in sales.

Anna Rasmussen, Web Design Specialist – Mrs. Rasmussen has a keen eye for what works on small business websites. She would love to help you get your website to its peek appeal by using effective layout designs and color schemes.

For information on improving your store’s website, please email us at bryant@reoknoxvile.com